Film photography... neither cheap business nor is it a case of uploading a few hundred images to your computer at the end of a long day out. If you know what you're doing, the results can be equally as rewarding as from using a digital camera - although the fun part starts after you have taken the picture. There's probably next to nothing that can't just as well be done using a film camera. However, patience combined with the right amount of willingness to fail do come into the equation - or to view failure as success, that is. Anyone who's ever cocked up a black and white film during development or marvelled at a silver gelatine print of their very own work, will agree. Of course, whatever recording medium floats your boat is down to personal choice. I stuck to film and dearly hope current stocks will outlive me.

What I also hope for is that this site will be appreciated for what it is - my work. A lot of effort goes into producing these images and I am not talking about simply pressing the shutter release. So, if anyone with the need to steal from other people [especially from me] would kindly refrain from doing so, it will be much appreciated. [Oh, and please don't fool yourself. Modern technology knows where to find you and lawyers can cost a fortune.] Everyone else is, of course, very welcome to take a look around. Thank you.

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